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    Product class

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    NO. 20130709
    Remarks C51100,C51000,C51900,C52100.QSn10-1、QSn6.5-0.1、QSn7-0.2、QSn8-0.3、QSn4-0.3、QSn4-3
    Product Class Other Special Bearings
    Product description

    Oil-lubricated bearings composite bushing
      Bush is the use of very wide use in many places to be, it is also divided into many types.

    1, no less oil lubrication oil lubrication, apply to the oil or fuel is difficult to place, you can use without maintenance or less maintenance.
    2, good wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, long service life.
    3, there is the right amount of plasticity, can stress distribution in a wide contact surface, improve the bearing capacity.
    4, static and dynamic friction coefficient, can eliminate the low speed crawling, thus ensuring the accuracy of mechanical work.
    5, can reduce mechanical vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions.
    6, can be formed during operation, transfer film, played the role of protecting the shaft, no bite shaft phenomenon.
    7, for grinding shaft hardness is low, without quenching axis can be used, thereby reducing the associated machining difficult.
    8, thin-walled structure, light weight, can reduce the machine size.
    9, a variety of metal plated steel back can be used in corrosive media; has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as: printing, textile machine, tobacco machinery, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles and forestry machinery and so on. Boundary lubrication bearing series
    1 bearing is good, good wear resistance.
    (2) for high load low speed rotation, rocking motion, and often under load hoist frequent and difficult to form hydrodynamic lubrication occasions.
    3 In the long term under boundary lubrication conditions without refueling and maintenance, refueling in the bearing layer over a longer service life.
    4 The surface layer of plastic molding can be left in the processing of certain margin, the assembly seat hole pressure on their own after processing, in order to achieve better assembly dimensions.
    5 products are mainly used in automobile chassis, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, irrigation machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, steel rolling equipment.